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Face Yogy

Individual FACE YOGA lessons

Individual FACE YOGA lessons

  • Price: from 1,575 CZK / 60 min. (price list here)
  • Duration: 60 or 90 min. (or as agreed)
  • Lesson form: Zoom
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FACE YOGA group lessons

FACE YOGA group lessons

  • Price: from 240 CZK / 20 min. (price list here)
  • Duration: 20, 30, 40, 60 and 90 min. (or upon agreement)
  • Lesson form: Zoom
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FACE YOGA group workshops

FACE YOGA group workshops

During the workshop, I will introduce you to the natural rejuvenation of the face through both educational and entertaining program, which includes key facial exercises, acupressure, and facial massage and many other interesting tips from a holistic view of a healthy system of life.
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ONLINE booking

Online connection via Zoom, WhatsApp, Messenger, FaceTime, Skype, Whereby, and others possible by mutual agreement.

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My Warranty for You?

I learned from the world’s best Face Yogi, Fumiko Takatsu. I´ myself am a certified teacher of the Face Yoga Method. I tried Face Yoga (hereinafter FY) firstly on myself. I feel more radiant, smiling and rejuvenated. Thanks to FY, thousands (especially) of women around the world find positive changes in themselves. This is the reason for their regular routine with FY.

So don’t hesitate and get fully involved!
Let’s do it together!


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More info

1. When is it best time to practice Face Yoga?

Ideally twice a day. Immediately in the morning in bed or the bathroom. For the second time in the evening and just before bedtime.

If it is difficult to exercise in the morning or evening, exercise throughout the day! While riding a car or public transport, on a walk, while cooking, watching TV, in the shower! Try to make it a daily habit and fun at the same time. Just imagine the driver in the next car looking at you when he sees you, for example, “Bumblebee” or “Hangman” at the traffic lights at an intersection.

Life must be taken with humor and exaggeration! 😊

2. How often do I have to practice Face Yoga before I see results?

Some people see results right away, even after one workout! Most people will see results after just two weeks of practice.

3. Do I have to practice, train and perform all positions every day?

No, no, not at all. Exercise for at least 5 to 15 minutes a day. For best results, practice at least a little every day instead of one long lesson at a time. But exercise must be joy and fun, not the burden of duty.

4. How long is the endurance or duration of each pose required?

This is stated with each position description. Many represent three series of ten seconds, others can be longer or shorter.

5. Do I get wrinkles with Face Yoga?

No, you won’t.

While unconsciously repetitive movements cause unwanted wrinkles (eg, unconsciously raising eyebrows when communicating, smiling), conscious movement of facial muscles in the right way can prevent them from occurring, and even reduce wrinkles.