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For your personal inspiration and motivation, see the effects of the regular practicing of Face Yoga.

Among others, they are members of the Face Yoga Method group (under the auspices of the founder Fumiko Takatsu) from various parts of the world, but not only that…

This is one of the excellent results of the Face Yoga effect and the careful cooperation of the Face Yoga teacher with a client!

The result:
After only 5 weeks of the regular practice of Face Yoga, the face affected by Bell’s palsy, or Peripheral Palsy of the Facial Nerve, was relaxed.

Grace Loo, Malaysia
Grace Loo 1 Week 1
Grace Loo 2 Week 2
Grace Loo 3 Week 3
Grace Loo 4 Week 4
Grace Loo 5 Week 5

The result:
Reduced bags under the eyes, overall greater facial firmness, reduced skin inflammation, and healthier skin color.

Jenna Lee, USA
Jenna Lee 1 Before
Jenna Lee 2 After

Releasing of the forehead between the eyebrows,  sparkle in the eyes, elimination of circles under the eyes, firmer cheeks, releasing of the upper lip and chin, fuller lips, firming and toning of the lower jaw.

Naomi Bolderhey 1 Before
Naomi Bolderhey 2 After

Firming of the cheeks, releasing and firming of the chin, firming and toning of the lower jaw, reduction of the double chin, firming of the neck muscles.

Ragnei 1 Before
Ragnei 2 After

Firming and toning of cheeks, lips, and lower jaw area, balancing of the right chin tip.

Anna Linhart, Czech Republic
Anna 1 November
Anna 2 January
Anna 3 July
Anna 4 September
Anna 5 November

The result:
Firming of the eye´s area, lifting of the upper eyelids, opening of the eyes, softening of wrinkles around the eyes.

Anna Linhart, Czech Republic
Anna 2 1 September
Anna 2 2 July
Anna 2 3 July
Anna 2 4 July

Client´s Testimonials

Read the references of my satisfied clients

„Anny is a great and motivating sport coach. She leads the courses for her faithful students in a nice and stimulating way and empathetically with a personal commitment to improve their physical and mental condition.“
Martina 05/2021
„Thanks to the regular FY exercising with Anny wrinkles on my forehead are being relaxed and my face, lower jaw and neck area are being strengthened. FY is not only conceived here as a facial care, but overall correct posture. So, my round upper back which bents daily over endless writing is starting to equal! I emphasize her ability to explain everything clearly and patiently! In summary, it is a complete relaxation at the end of the working day, which will put you at ease and energize your body!“
2021/04, Sarka
„I’ve been there for a few months now and do my exercises on a regular basis. Anna shows me new poses every week. She does that very well and it’s a lot of fun too. I can already see some positive changes!“
2021/01, Alexandra
„I am an active athlete. After about 8 lessons of FY, I began to discover the results. Firmer larger lips, bright open eyes, relaxed outstretched eyebrows. FY can “hurt”. Athletes do not expect that! Even the muscles in the face can get tired. What a big surprise to me? At the beginning I was not happy to watch myself in a mirror. But it has gone! It is me in all my accepted (not only inner) beauty. Try to be with yourself for those few minutes!”
2021/02, Jíťa
„For me, FY means calming and relaxing after a hard day, a wonderful mood and a new influx of energy for the next day. I would definitely recommend FY to all gentlemen, because it is not a purely women’s affair, as it would seem at first glance. Gentlemen, don’ t be ashamed, drop the barriers and join! You will be surprised and discover a new view of the world!“
2021/01, Aleš
„My so far results with FY are the alleviation of acne that I have been struggling with since early adolescence. I observe a noticeable blood flow to the face, a reduction in stiffness in the cervical spine and a visible improvement in symmetry in the face. As a bonus of all lessons, a good mood is guaranteed!“
2021/01, Eliška
“Thanks to FY, I can find time for myself almost every day. It’ s not just about the face. I like that I connect the cervical spine and the whole upper body. I have had problems with pressure in my eye for a long time. Thanks to FY, where we stretch the eye muscles and neck, I gradually got relieved and the pressure in my eye is no longer so unpleasant. I believe that with long-term exercise it will disappear completely. After FY, I feel completely great, relaxed and my mood always improves!”
2021/03, Lucka
„It is not a long time I met FY for the first time, but even as a complete beginner I was really excited about it. Anny is an amazing person who transfers her positive energy to you and gives you even greater desire to join every evening. I feel relaxed after each lesson. I’ m looking forward to seeing the results of regular exercising.”
2021/02, Jitka

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More info

1. When is it best time to practice Face Yoga?

Ideally twice a day. Immediately in the morning in bed or the bathroom. For the second time in the evening and just before bedtime.

If it is difficult to exercise in the morning or evening, exercise throughout the day! While riding a car or public transport, on a walk, while cooking, watching TV, in the shower! Try to make it a daily habit and fun at the same time. Just imagine the driver in the next car looking at you when he sees you, for example, “Bumblebee” or “Hangman” at the traffic lights at an intersection.

Life must be taken with humor and exaggeration! 😊

2. How often do I have to practice Face Yoga before I see results?

Some people see results right away, even after one workout! Most people will see results after just two weeks of practice.

3. Do I have to practice, train and perform all positions every day?

No, no, not at all. Exercise for at least 5 to 15 minutes a day. For best results, practice at least a little every day instead of one long lesson at a time. But exercise must be joy and fun, not the burden of duty.

4. How long is the endurance or duration of each pose required?

This is stated with each position description. Many represent three series of ten seconds, others can be longer or shorter.

5. Do I get wrinkles with Face Yoga?

No, you won’t.

While unconsciously repetitive movements cause unwanted wrinkles (eg, unconsciously raising eyebrows when communicating, smiling), conscious movement of facial muscles in the right way can prevent them from occurring, and even reduce wrinkles.