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Newtonův gravitační zákon

Newton’s law of gravitation is valid for all of us on this Earth. Gravity affects our body including the face.

As We Age:

  • the eyelids are getting droopy, corners of the mouth are getting low
  • losing weight from the cheeks
  • nasolabial fold lines are getting longer and deeper
  • facial wrinkles created by the pillow no longer disappear as easily in the morning

And our bad habits make it even faster!

Do you support your forehead?
Podpíráte si čelo
Are you slumping?
Hrbíte se?
Držíte telefon ramenem?
Do you hold the phone with your shoulder?
Spíte na boku?
Are you sleeping on your side?
What does
face yoga mean?

What does
face yoga mean?

Face Yoga is
a pathway without scalpel and botox.
This method is simple, effective, and functional.

We cannot prevent aging, but we can slow it down!

How to achieve it?


Before and after

Why photos “before and after” Face Yoga practicing?

  • for personal objective and continuous perception of changes in the face
  • support your motivation to continue with Face Yoga

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Lina, Maroko
photo before Before
February 2020
photo after After
July 2020
Yoshiko, Japan
Yoshiko before detail Before
Yoshiko after detail After
About Me


For me, regular exercise is not just about taking care of the physical side.
It is an excellent means of eliminating stress.
This has a significant impact on our mental health.
This can be summarized under the ancient Greek belief of Kalokaghatia, the ideal of harmony of soul and body, unity of beauty and goodness.


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  • group lessons
  • group workshops

in the form of a face-to-face meeting or online.


Anna Linhartová

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More info

1. When is it best time to practice Face Yoga?

Ideally twice a day. Immediately in the morning in bed or the bathroom. For the second time in the evening and just before bedtime.

If it is difficult to exercise in the morning or evening, exercise throughout the day! While riding a car or public transport, on a walk, while cooking, watching TV, in the shower! Try to make it a daily habit and fun at the same time. Just imagine the driver in the next car looking at you when he sees you, for example, “Bumblebee” or “Hangman” at the traffic lights at an intersection.

Life must be taken with humor and exaggeration! 😊

2. How often do I have to practice Face Yoga before I see results?

Some people see results right away, even after one workout! Most people will see results after just two weeks of practice.

3. Do I have to practice, train and perform all positions every day?

No, no, not at all. Exercise for at least 5 to 15 minutes a day. For best results, practice at least a little every day instead of one long lesson at a time. But exercise must be joy and fun, not the burden of duty.

4. How long is the endurance or duration of each pose required?

This is stated with each position description. Many represent three series of ten seconds, others can be longer or shorter.

5. Do I get wrinkles with Face Yoga?

No, you won’t.

While unconsciously repetitive movements cause unwanted wrinkles (eg, unconsciously raising eyebrows when communicating, smiling), conscious movement of facial muscles in the right way can prevent them from occurring, and even reduce wrinkles.